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General Conditions of The Booking of Luxury Apartments for Individuals Customer in Apartpark Baltic Home

The present document is regulating principles of effecting booking, cancelling the booking, the payment for the booking and importances of the booking.


It is possible to make the booking of the stay through:
a) the filling and signing the form of the booking on the website and sending it to the
reception in an electronic form;
b) sending the booking order form in writing: registered letter, fax or in an electronic
form (e mail);
c) telephone ordering the stay
d) personal, written, confirming a reservation at the ApartPark reception desk.

After making a booking within of 24 hours, the ApartParku reception will send the
confirmation of a booking to the indicated e mail address, fax.
Except for the coincidence described into the d pt.

For guaranteeing the booking by the Guest it’s paying the money in the amount of the 40%
of the total value of booking, on 3 working days. One should pay the rest of money while

It is possible to process the payment through a bank transfer, cashes or in the form of
burdening a credit card.

Baltichome S.C.
Bank account: 63 1140 2004 0000 3412 0987 8093

The booking won’t be made effectively in case of the lack of the payment of the earnest
money in the date specified above, or the insuff icient funds on a credit card.
Crossing the earnest money set of the date of the payment can cause cancelling the
preliminary booking. We are announcing, that in accordance with the rules ApartPark
Baltichome the accounting period is taking the civil la w Partnership out 7 days what he/she
is marking that every Guest staying in the Hotel above 7 days is obliged to pay the amount
due for the used stay and services within 7 days of the starting date of the stay.

ApartPark Baltichome is reserving the civil law Partnership, where justified, right to appeal
with the request to a hotel guest for increasing the amount of the security credit on his credit
card or for earlier paying the amount due for hotel services. Using hotel fringe benefits on
principles “credit Hotel” (account to the room) is possible exclusively after handing over to
the Hotel reception desk the authorisation Document correctly filled in and personally
signed enabling to effect credit orders (“account to the room”) for services accompanying
the stay of the Guest. It is forming with effecting the authorization of a credit card /payment.


a) change of the booking
Changes in the made booking, Guest he should report the civil law Partnership in writing to
the ApartPark Baltichome registered office where one should report her not later than 30
days before the date fixed in the order of the arrival.
ApartPark Baltichome will consider the civil law Partnership proposed changes and will
inform the Guest of the decision in writing.
There is a possibility of cancelling the booking, but exclusively for important reasons,
justified and substantiated by the Guest in writing.

b) conditions of cancelling the booking
– in case of the cancellation up to 30 days prior to the arrival, the Guest isn’t getting the
repayment of the paid earnest money
– at the cancellation below 14 days before the established date of the arrival, the Guest is
bearing the cost of the amount of the 60 % value of the order
– at the cancellation on of arrival or at the lack of the cancellation, the Guest is obliged
amount due of lump sum in the stay in the time set aside
– feasibility of the cancellation without incurring by the Guest charges, he exists only in the
situation when the Guest appoints the new client to the same luxury apartment and in the
same time. If this is the case have staying
he will receive the repayment of the paid earnest money, minus of operatings cost in the
height PLN 150.00, not earlier than 7 days upon completion of the lease of the person
– in every case the cancellation will be confirmed by B.H. in writing

c) shortening the stay
Shortening the stay is treated as the resignation behind time of cancellation, so is involving
the s ettlement in the entire stay.

d) personal details
In the course of making the Booking of the Package by the reserving Hotel he is giving
consent to put his personal details in the database of the service. This data will be used
exclusively in o rder to enable to conduct the full trial of the Booking and marketing
objectives in due course agreements from 28.09.1997 about the protection of personal data.


The hotel day is starting at 17:00 and at 11.00 is ending.Chec k in is possible up to 21:00
Prices quoted in the hotel price list are gross prices. A possibility of the change in prices and
applying the separate price list for the, holiday and long holiday seasons is reserving
ApartPark Baltichome of weekends.

Price apartementu contains (apart from packages):
– accommodation;
– breakfast in the form of canteen;
– possibility of using the cordless Internet on the entire hotel facility.

The price doesn’t contain:
– of climatic payment (PLN 4.40 PLN per night, for one person);
– of possible lease of the car park on outside/in the garage;
– of dinner (5-13 years: PLN 20; above 13 years: PLN 40);
– of supper (5-13 years PLN 18; above 13 years: PLN 35);
– of late dinner (5-13 years PLN 22; above 13 years: PLN 45).

Children up to 4 years the stay in the hotel, the dinner, the supper and the dinner: free of charge.

Making a booking means approval of regulations of the ApartPark object
and privacy policies.
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